Showbar, a venture by SinQ Hospitality, is a vintage retro pub that brings a unique spin to Goa’s creative expression in culture and cuisine. Inspired by the Art Deco style of the 1930s, the interiors are built to showcase the magnificent movie theatres from the Era of Talkies with bold elements of decorative art. Showbar is also one of the hottest places to party at hosting Goa’s top Dj’s and some of the best talent the state has to offer, making a huge impact on Goan nightlife managing to pull in people in numbers during the weekdays and facing overly occupied nights on the weekends it is truly a place to unwind and party. The pub’s Showbar Exchange concept is the first of its kind in Goa- with a live screen showing the prices of alcohol that fluctuate according to demand, attracting large crowds even on weekdays! Also an integral part of Showbar is its menu “Showcase”- a delightful culinary explosion of flavours by Chef Christopher Fernandes, introducing innovative showstopper dishes that keep the authentic flavours of each dish intact with a contemporary visual style. Some favourites include Pizza Fries, Cheesy Pav Bhaji Fondue, Lamb Ghee Roast and a yummy Indian take on Risotto!

Showbar Stock Exchange